Statistics for archeologists


  • spring 2014; spring 2016; spring 2018


At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • understand the basic statistical terms
  • calculate and interpret the values of the central tendency
  • create the basic graphs and interpret them
  • interpret distributions of variables
  • calculate and interpret the amount of correlation between variables
  • calculate the linear regression model and – on its basis – to predict values
  • define the null and the alternative hypothesis
  • understand the probability distribution, the meaning of statistical significance and the basics of the inferential statistics
  • use the basic parametrical tests (t-test for independent and dependent samples, t-test for correlation coefficients, and the analysis of variance)
  • understand the basic data treatment in MS Excel, PAST and StatSoft Statistika


  • 1. The basic statistical terms.
  • 2. Types of variables.
  • 3. Descriptive and inferential statistics.
  • 4. Descriptive statistics (frequency tables, graphs, characteristics of the central tendency, characteristics of the variability, distribution).
  • 5. Correlation.
  • 6. Linear regression.
  • 7. The probability distribution.
  • 8. Hypotheses and their testing.
  • 9. One-dimensional statistical parametric tests (t-test for independent and dependent samples, t-test for correlation coefficients, ANOVA).


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